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The First BJD

So I did it! I sculpted a Ball-Jointed Doll! I had been wanting to dive into this area of doll-making for months, have purchased tutorials to begin doing this but haven't had the courage to do one on my own. Then three months ago I was invited to attend a Ball-Jointed Doll workshop by a fellow Artist. When I saw the workshop was being held locally in San Diego I could not refuse! I just returned from said workshop on Monday, 08/21/2016.

I have to say that it was an incredible experience, one in which I met some fantastic people and amazing Artists! It was super tough but super enjoyable. The workshop was several long days of sculpting to accomplish our goals and I thoroughly enjoyed the BJD process. A great addition to my arsenal.

Completion Date: August 2016

Status: In Private Collection 🟢

Height: Approx. 12" tall

Clay(s): Super Sculpey

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