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Artist’s Block

Okay …. so I’ve hit that point an artist reaches were they hate absolutely everything about their piece !

Grrr – everything I seem to do feels like it’s wrong, everything looks so ugly, I want a completely new pose, I don’t like her abdomen, I’m no liking the clay – eugh …. !

I truly feel like revamping it all. I’m pretty sure with a more intricate, complex pose and not using Living Doll clay that I’ll like it again. I just want to avoid “sticking with it” because I can see what will happen. I’ll “push through” and continue to hate it (I know hate is a strong word) and when I finish it I won’t have that “I’m so proud !” feeling and I don’t want to rob myself of that.

Living Doll clay, if you let it sit for too long, sort of hardens until you warm it up again with your hands and because I have to keep sculpting a bit at a time and I keep having to come back to it, Living Doll is not the clay for me. It just crumbles and it doesn’t suite my style of sculpting.

I’ve just decided ! I’m changing the pose and the type of clay I’m currently using, basically starting over, and that’s that …. sigh ….

Old Concept

Old Concept

New Concept

New Concept

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