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Blushing Translucent Clay

I got curious about sculpting with Translucent shaded clay because it looked like a very nice shade of clay in the store. The brand I bought was Sculpey III. After I sculpted the head for the sculpture I’m currently working on and cured it, it was time to blush the head, give it some depth, so I did, with Artist Chalks.

At first, I thought the clay was too Translucent to have it look believable, that you had to mix it with another shade of clay to create a new shade and have it look good. Now I see that the reasons I thought that were these here;

1 ) The eyes. The method that I used for the eyes is my own that I came up with and I don’t think I did it correctly because the eyes ended up being too far away from the lids instead of being right up against them which naturally made them look sunken into the head, unnatural and not very realistic (which realistic is what I’m trying to go for). So that contributed to the unfavorable results

eyes too far back in the head

2 ) The color blush I used. This I didn’t realize until I spent some time away from the sculpted head and looked at it again in indirect sunlight with the light source hitting it from behind and lighting it in a way not I don’t normally see my sculpts in. I’m sure that if I had used a darker shade of chalk for blushing that I could’ve achieved the realistic look I was after.

With those two points being addressed I think creating a sculpture entirely out of Translucent clay would come out just great, I guess it’s just a matter of having the correct elements in place. All in all, I still like Translucent clay very much and I’m also going to try mixing it with other color clays to see the tone that comes out to be.

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