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Bumps In the Road

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

This will be a different kind of post. I wanted to start blogging not just about my sculptures but about my journey. The ups and downs. The bumps on the road and HOW I get through these times because you never know when your experiences may vastly help another. So I wanted to share all aspects of my sculpting life.

From time to time I find myself… in an artistic rut. I great artists that I see are amazing sources of inspiration. But at times I find myself looking at photos of their stunning sculptures and feeling bummed that I’m not that good. Granted, I don’t sculpt as often as I should as I do lack focus, but the desire is there. I WANT to be that good and I know the only way to GET THERE is to focus, sculpt and PRACTICE.

I honestly have no excuses. I am to blame but the point of this post is to share how I GET OUT of these ruts and keep pushing on.

Things that have worked for me in the past are;

1. Getting out of the house, going somewhere or doing something that brings you joy and/or inspiration. While you’re doing these things relish in these good feelings you get as they will be the fuel that propel you out of the “situation” you’re in.

2. Even if looking at other amazing artists sculptures brings you down to a certain degree, use a different perspective and completely turn around the effect it has on you. Think of our great YOUR sculptures are going to be or how great you WANT them to be and picture yourself being as good a sculptor as you want to be NOW. It costs nothing to make believe. Follow that up with jumping right in and sculpting your heart out.

More of these will be added as time progresses. But for the rut I’m in today I’ll opt to IGNORE the bad thoughts and jump right in to what my passion is and SCULPT.

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