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Caribbean Mermaid: Things Learned


Well, that wasn’t as difficult as I thought it was going to be. Thankfully the uniqueness of my subject didn’t toss any major obstacles during the sculpting process. Really the only thing that I was somewhat stumped over was the blue coloring on the front of her torso. It’s PearlEx powder and I always seem to forget how and when to apply it successfully when I want it to remain shiny. I don’t like mixing it with other mediums because in my opinion it takes away the brilliant sheen of the powder and I don’t want to dull it down in any way. But I figured out that the best way to apply the PearlEx powder and not have it lose any of its shine is to apply it to the Clay while it’s still unbaked and soft. So THAT was a plus!

Regarding wigging, I learned that knowing and planning your Artdolls’ hairstyle is very important as a poorly planned hairstyle before you start wigging leads to a less than desirable end-result. I’ll eventually create a tutorial on this to better illustrate what I’m referring to.


Blushing on unbaked clay

Blushing unbaked clay, has an amazing effect. It gives the clay a look of faded color edges instead of seeing the color edges of where the sculpture was painted. It’s almost like when women apply black eyeshadow. This is very useful when blushing the large areas of the body like the limbs. I was so relieved to have really realized the benefits of this as it adds realism.

Until next time.

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