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Creation 010-002; My First Completed Sculpture

WoW …. I finished a sculpture, not just A sculpture, my FIRST sculpture. If I could only genuinely explain the feelings that come along with that …. I’ll try. So this has been a long time in coming; just to give you a little bit of back-story, I first learned about OOAK sculpting several years ago but didn’t actually create anything until sometime last year. It was a small piece, a wedding topper for my cousin’s wedding and even then it was a replica of an electronic device.

So, I absolutely surrounded myself with images, videos, tutorials and OOAK websites of amazing artists who’s work I admired and lost myself in just staring at the beauty these pieces portrayed. Well, the reason me completing a sculpture is such a big deal is because I actually, unconsciously, intimidated myself at the thought of creating one myself and of course being the perfectionist that I am, I added even more pressure on myself by thinking I had to create something as stunning as those amazing pieces I was looking at not even paying attention to the fact that these artists had years of experience ahead of me.

Needless to say the self-imposed pressure was unwarranted. So to come out of that and “take the reigns” on my sculpting and actually create something from start to finish was such an exhilarating feeling. To be able to feel the overwhelming feelings of finishing the blushing of a sculpt, the costuming of a sculpt and finally the wigging of a sculpt was a liberating thing to feel indeed. Really due to the fact that it’s such an accomplishment to achieve a goal in your life in something one has a true passion for. I’m incredibly proud of my sculpture and the experience I went through for it. And I guess that’s the feeling that causes artists to want to create another piece, and another, etc.

I now understand.

I feel like I’m getting somewhere, accomplishing something substantial, doing something meaningful that will lead me through other doors that will take me to places I’ve wanted to be.

Creation 010-002

Follow Your Bliss ….

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