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You might have noticed that I’m not posting as many WIPs of the three projects that are on my Current Creations page, that’s because I took some time to participate in a group sculpting challenge at the Forum that I’m a member and Moderator at, The Dollmaker’s Studio.

The group challenge is called The Faces of June and you choose your challenge; you sculpt either 10, 20 or 30 sculptures faces in the month of June as an exercise to improve your skill and define your style, all while learning, asking questions, posting WIPs, getting critiques when they’re asked for and building camaraderie with fellow artists ! My faces really needed the bump in skill so I decided to take the time and participate in this challenge because I know my sculptures can only benefit from it. It’s incredibly exciting to see everyone’s skill improve right before your eyes – oh ! and at the completion of the challenge, all who participated get a sculpting goodie bag.

I’ll share some of the faces I’ve done so far ….





If you’ve been looking for a Forum to learn, have fun in, find support and encouragement, feel free to stop by and join the Forum as a free member. It’s an incredibly friendly place and it’s the first Forum where I felt completely accepted and included. Join my clicking on their banner above.

I’ll hopefully see you there

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