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Entering the World of Sculpting

I came across sculpting in 2007 by accident in a search to find images for a project I was doing at the time and came across the sculpting images of Aidamaris Roman. I was literally stunned because up until that point I figured that to be able to sculpt like that, or even just to sculpt period, one needed years of education accompanied by diplomas and such. Can you believe my surprise when I found out that in the Art World a lot of artists are self-taught and don’t really have any formal training ?

So, I wasn’t able to really dive into sculpting as much as I wanted. I had the interruptions of everyday life that took away from me setting aside time to really learn about sculpting and just really get my hands dirty with it. After viewing video after video and visiting so many websites of incredibly talented sculptors, I finally began buying the tools I need based on the research I had done.

I slowly started sculpting (finally) and began to consciously work on and develop my own techniques. Now, here’s where a lot of the unforgettable fun happens; the ups and downs, the “learning curve”, the frustrations (that really only lasted a few seconds because I realized I was doing exactly what brought me immense pleasure and happiness …. sculpting), to me, all of these things were as valuable to me as creating a superb sculpture …. the journey.

Fast forward to present day; I am currently working on my first human sculpture from start to finish. Now, this is a big deal because …. I usually just sculpt human heads to “perfect” the techniques it takes to create the kind of results I want. In doing that, I found myself being slightly intimidated with the broad concept of sculpting and it weirded me out because, well, this is a passion of mine ! I figured it out – I had spent too much time sculpting in my head, watching the videos, viewing the websites that I realized I had not yet sculpted a human sculpture all the way through so I stopped everything and I made the decision to take one of the heads I had already sculpted and complete that sculpture all the way so as to familiarize myself with the entire sculpting process and know what it feels like to do all the steps.

What I realized is that after trying to learn as much as I could visually, I had to just jump in there and sculpt ! and I had to do it all the way through just to gain confidence with all that is sculpting. Now that I’m doing that, just yesterday I added more forehead to my cured sculpture head, cured that for a little bit, then added the ears a little later, cured that, after, I started to blush the sculpt, and I gotta tell ya, it really felt like I was going to complete the sculpture all the way, also due to the fact that the armature was already done so the thought of filling the armature with clay really made me feel as though this sculpture was going to be made all the way and those thoughts and feelings gave me a great deal of confidence and got me very excited because I thought “I’m finally doing this !”.

So here are some images of my creation in progress, Creation 010-002:

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