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Genesis Evolution: Muscularity

So ! I figured out how to use the ‘Genesis Evolution: Muscularity’ product !

Go to YouTube to check out the video of it’s greatness:

So, what I found you have to do is, first, naturally install the product in “the same directory as Genesis” and for me, since I have a PC running Windows 7, the installation path is “C:\users\[your user account]\My Documents\DAZ 3D\Studio\My Library”. More on installing in the correct path, you can go here: but you will need to be a free member of to view their ‘Knowledge Base’ where the information above is housed.

After it’s installed there, open DAZ Studio 4 (DS4). Genesis should already be loaded in the scene by default, if not, find it in the ‘Content Library’ and double-click to load it in. Now in order for your Genesis figure to do what the figure does in the YouTube video above, make sure the entire Genesis body is selected and in the ‘Parameters’ tab expand ‘Pose Controls’, then expand ‘Full Body’ and click on ‘Flexion’.

Here’s the exciting part ! Turn on or “dial up” the ‘Flexion’ value using the slider to it’s max, 1.00. That’s all ! You can now follow along with he YouTube video and do to your Genesis what you see the video do and it works ! Exciting !

Follow Your Bliss.

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