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Genesis Generation X

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Finally. After asking and asking in forums for help on how exactly to make a Gen4 figure transfer over to Genesis, I found out how. It’s not the simplest way but I wanted to make this happen so bad that I don’t care if it’s not the fastest way. At least I got the product to do what I wanted it to do. So here’s my step-by-step, again, ot the fastest way ….

Note: this will be specific to my scenario, being that I created my Gen4 figures in Poser 7 and transferring them in DAZ Studio 4 (DS4). Also, I will only be transferring the head morphs, which are the most important part to me. Shaping the body with the new Genesis morphs is incredibly easy to do and it’s no big deal to start shaping the body from “scratch”.

1 ) I opened up Poser 7, opened the character file previously created using the morph packs available at DAZ 3D

2 ) Now I open DS4 then go to the “GenX” tab and load my base figure that this character was used to make, in my case Victoria 4 (Victoria 4.2)

3 ) I now go back to Poser 7 and select V4’s head so that all the morphs that are applied to the head will display on the parameters menu. What I did from here was I went into each morph category to see which categories I had “dialed up” or applied to the head. In the Images below you’ll see that I have applied morphs from the ‘Morphs++’ category, the ‘Morph Shapes | Aiko 4’ and the ‘Expression Morphs (Base)’ categories

So that tells me that I have to transfer all the individual morphs within those categories to ensure my Genesis figure will look like the Gen4 figure.

4 ) So now it’s back to DS4 and I load those individual morphs from within those specific categories. To start that process and bring up the pop-up box to find those morphs, click on the ‘Apply Pose’ button in the ‘GenX’ tab which you should already be in. This box pops up

the correct directory should open to the exact folder where the accepted files / file types are so just find the right folder, in this case being the ‘DAZ’s Victoria 4’ > ‘Morph Injections’ > ‘Morphs++’ which is the first category we spoke about earlier

once in there, select all the morphs in that folder then click ‘Open’. DS4 will do it’s thing and import the morphs, be patient, depending on the number of morphs it could take a little long

5 ) Once it’s done loading the morphs you’ll see a longer list under the ‘Morph’ area

6 ) Going back to Poser 7, seeing as how the first category I have some morphs applied is the ‘Morphs++’ category, I find the name of the specific individual morph, in this case, the first one it shows is the ‘CraniumSlope’ and it’s value is at “0.992”.

7 ) So I got to DS4 and under the ‘Morph’ area I look for the exactly named morph and dial it up to the same value. Keep in mind all the morphs are listed alphabetically so that will make it that much easier to find them

now you just simply do this for every single morph that has a value dialed up. So just go down the list of morphs within Poser 7 and do the same process until you’ve dialed up every morph in DS4 from Poser 7

8 ) Now that all the morphs have been individually dialed / mirrored from Poser 7 to DS4, select ALL the morphs in DS4 then right-click and select ‘Transfer: On for Non-Zero Values’, then from the drop-down menu select ‘Create Controller’ then click ‘Transfer’

– Almost done

9 ) Here, you name your controller, in my case, the character I created and am using here is called ‘Nurani Paltadakis’, so I name the controller so I know which character this controller will “dial up”, make sure you choose the correct ‘Region’ so you can find your morph in the appropriate place. Since I am creating a facial morph only I want this controller to be located under the ‘Head’ category of Genesis when I select it’s head. I’m going to choose my icon for this morph and you can choose / create your own. Click on ‘Accept’

10 ) Now, you load Genesis into the scene and since the character we’re transferring was created from the Victoria 4 base, that’s the morph we’re going to apply to Genesis first. So first dial up the “Victoria 4” morph, then dial up your new character morph – and there you have it, your Gen4 character on Genesis. Now, there will be some minor differences but that’s to e expected. You can easily fix them with the morphs already available / morphs transferred over from the character to your liking

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