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IADR Member(ship)

Recently, about several months ago, I was doing research on The International Art Doll Registry (IADR) as I had seen that acronym used in Art Doll eBay listing and was curious to what it was, what it meant, so I went to their site and read up on it and what it meant to be a member. I then got to the Registry page where all the registered OOAK (One Of A Kind) dolls are listed and as I was going through the list I recognized A LOT of the artists name and dolls on there … needless to say I got intimidated right away. I thought to myself “I haven’t earned this yet !! To be amongst these artists that I’ve idolized, admired and looked up to !!” So I put the idea of becoming a member on the back burner for months.

I then asked for my fellow sculptor’s opinions on the subject and many of them were already IADR members and got some very insightful views which all made sense as to becoming a member;

  1. It offers an official certificate of authenticity # to prove your sculpt is truly a One-Of-A-Kind

  2. It allows you to submit your work to professional artists for a critique

  3. There are rules to certifying your art

  4. The certificate of authenticity # may be the difference between selling and not selling

  5. There are also really good free tutorials from the art members

For more on the benefits of membership; Read More Here

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