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Improving the Hands

I came across a much more realistic way of sculpting hands. It breaks down to only a few points;

1 ) Have the fingers start off short as when they get pulled and smoothed with your own hands, the sculpts fingers will elongate to whatever size you desire. 2 ) Also, cut into the base of the fingers on the inside of the hand to create a small bump, the part with the palm, to thin out the base of the fingers.

3 ) Make sure to pay attention to The extra padding on the outside of each hand, as well as on either side of the palm.

This can be accomplished by adding a small pancake shaped piece of clay where that extra padding should be and just blending it in with the wood blending tool using the side of the tool that’s on the right in the picture, it’s also the end that’s shown in the picture-in-picture;

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