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Now Actively Blogging on ‘Blogger’ Too

Hi Everyone,

I know that a lot of people that prefer one blogging service over another (as I recently did) and when you find a great, great blog you want to follow that’s not on the service you primarily use for your blog to follow, it’s annoying that you can’t get updates of that other-service blog you like so much.

So, since I recently re-discovered Blogger and they captured my attention with their site re-vamping, there’s things I like very much about both Blogger and WordPress and I thought to myself “I don’t HAVE to choose one over the other !” and to make it convenient for people who use either service – I’ve decided to start blogging equally both on my Blogger and my WordPress so no matter which service you prefer / have, you can still follow, worry-free (YaY).

The same exact posts will be posted on both services, so, no need to worry 😀 Talk to everyone soon.

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