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Painting with Genesis Paints


I figured it out ! I had such a difficult time painting with and trying to figure out how to use Genesis heat-set paints. I knew the way I was using them was not right as I was getting results that looked nothing like the end-result I’d see with other artists.


I searched and searched then took some time off from looking, about a month, and just recently I was painting a face and I remembered the Genesis sampler pack I bought came with a thinning medium …then I remembered what it’s used for – and it hit me; “THAT’S what they use to get an amazing painted face !” I was as happy as a kid in a toy store !  What you do is take some of the thinning medium and it literally thins or softens the color so it goes on the clay easily, smoothly and blends perfectly.

This process looses a lot in the written word which is why I will make a video How-To so you can SEE what I’m talking about. I’m a visual learner and when I see something it really clicks and registers in my brain. Video soon to come on the FDMj Creations YouTube Channel.

See you there.

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