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Sculpture Eyes

I’ve always preferred inserting eyes into my sculptures as opposed to painting the eye directly onto the sculpture …. and here’s why; in painting the eye, to me, it’s very, very one dimensional and really takes away from the sculpture and compromising it’s “feeling” you want to create. Often times the paint doesn’t go on smooth (as show below) and it creates streaks of paint lines.

So ! As an example, below you’ll find an image of inserted eyes and just in the comparison alone you know exactly to what I’m referring:

Sculptor: Nicole West

Right now though, I’m simply going through the sculpting process from beginning to end to refine and define my skill set and in these blogs share the information / insights one learns “on the job”. So for those sculptors that are in the beginning stages (like myself), I hope this blog helps. Here’s to sculpting through a journey together.

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