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Smoothing Clay w/ Brushes

I was having difficulties with the technique of smoothing out my sculptures with a brush because every time I would go to smooth out one of my sculptures, the brush would leave “streak” marks on the surface and I’d have to go back and do a second pass with my fingers to smooth those “streaks” out. Needless to say it was frustrating and I couldn’t really figure out why that was happening;

Was it the type of brush I was using ? Was it due to the brushes being older brushes ?

So, when I was sculpting yesterday afternoon (gorgeous day by the way) I kept messing with the head I was sculpting and kept making changes …. then it hit me. When I was working on my sculpts, I normally work on them for a given period of time then I come back to it another day, and as I was making changes to the sculpture head I was working on I realized that the smoothing of the clay with a brush technique works best when you’ve been working on that particular piece and the clay is nice and soft so the brush actually does it’s job of smoothing the clay and not creating “streaks” on the surface. So it felt great to figure that out through the guise of experience and wanted to share.

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