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Branching Birch

Branching Birch

  • Ready to ship in: 1–3 business days

  • Cost to Ship: Free

  • Returns & Exchanges: Not accepted. But please contact me if you have problems with your order.



This Artdoll is registered with the International Art Doll Registry for authenticity (IADR# 20213084)



  • Figure is 11" tall. All Inclusive: 16.5" tall.

  • 7" diameter base

  • Apoxie under-sculpt for stability and strength

  • Armature wrapped in aluminum tape to prevent wire expansion & clay cracking

  • Clay Mix: Sculpey Premo Pearl + Denim

  • Painted with chalk pastels that were baked into the clay & heat-set paints

  • Handmade & One-Of-A-Kind (OOAK)

  • Not removable from base

(This sculpture is a piece of art that should only be displayed and is not meant to be played with or excessively handled. This is not a toy.)

I am always available for questions regarding anything to do with your order. I pride myself on being an efficient, compassionate communicator and will do all I can to assist you. Please note: Your feedback matters as it affects the fees that sellers pay. I do strive for a 5-Star. Let's work together to ensure we both have a 5-Star interaction.


Please rate your purchase & experience after all avenues of resolution have been exhausted. I thank you all highly for your attention regarding this sensitive topic.

  • Seller Policies

    please see the Seller Policies for information on refunds, exchanges, shipping, ect.

  • Seller Details

    • PayPal Verified Seller

    • Shipping dues are free within the U.S.

    • Non-U.S. International Customers: Many countries have a Value Added Sales Tax (VAT), which is charged when an item crosses into their border. VAT is charged in addition to applicable duties. It's the buyer's responsibility to know how much tax and duties will be charged. We will not declare your package as a gift.

  • What’s in the box?

    • OOAK Handmade Artdoll
    • Care Instructions
    • Thank You Letter
    • Signed & Dated Certificate of Authenticity (COA)
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