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As a beginner (02/2022) I needed a place to document all the questions and resources I came across so I can always find what I needed, when I needed it. So, I created this ‘Beginner‘s Corner’ and I’ve decided to open it up to my repainting friends in case you find it helpful, too.

Repainting Studio

  • How do I paint an entire doll body a different color without having to spend money on air brushing equipment?
    Color Correct A Doll Body
  • How do I get Pearl Ex, or any other shimmer powder to stick without it loosing it's shimmer?
  • How do I reattach the doll head after I've painted it so it doesn't destroy what I just painted?
  • Can I do anything about the large size of my doll's head?

📚 Resources

One of my ultimate favorite online supply stores for literally ALL KINDS of supplies is the OOAK Artist Emporium! I was addicted to this online shop when I was sculpting my polymer clay OOAK artdolls (which I still do) to get all my supplies for sculpting, but, now I see that these supplies also apply to repainting which was a joy to realize!

✎ Motivational Repainters

to name a few...

🎥 Beneficial Videos

¡La nueva muñeca Frey'Dez Art ahora está completa y disponible para su placer visual! ¡Haz clic en el botón de abajo para visitar la galería de esculturas y ver todas las fotos y videos! ¡Que te diviertas!


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