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Wood-land Dryad

  • The base is handmade & decorated by me out of papier-mâché and resting atop a flat manzanita burl.

  • Her hair is Mohair placed and styled by me.

  • The outfit is Mulberry paper & she is blushed with chalk pastels, Genesis heat-set paints & blush

  • She has handmade inset eyes made by Deb Wood.

  • She is not removable from her base.

  • This sculpture is the result for my first LIVE sculpting retreat I attended in Florida through A for Artistic under the instruction of Deb Wood of Enchanted Hearts & finished here at home, CA.

  • This Artdoll was named after the iconic industry instructor & Artist, Deb Wood.

Completion Date: May 2016

Status: In Private Collection 🟢

Height: Approx. 10.5" tall

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