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[February 2022] Well, it happened! I was bitten by the repaint bug! I had seen YouTube videos about this art form a long time ago , over and over again as I was searching for OOAK sculpting videos…

05-2024 Logo_edges.png



And while there were several things in these repaint videos that I could apply to my OOAK sculpting, I never looked at repainting twice. Then, the week of FEB. 20, 2022 I became obsessed!

The reason? Because I came to the conclusion that I didn’t have to make an armature. I didn’t have to sculpt the body from scratch. I didn’t have to mix & condition clay—I could JUST focus on the most creative aspect which is the painting, the wigging & costuming IMMEDIATELY! Which means I could create many more creations in a shorter amount of time! And so here I am!

Let’s Customize Some Monster High Dolls!.jpeg
Let’s Customize Some Monster High Dolls!
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