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is a new online custom doll repaint registry, the only one of its kind, where Members can upload their custom dolls into our Registry as part of a permanent public record to protect their creative rights, doll designs, intellectual property, copyright & One-Of-A-Kind (OOAK) authenticity.

As we fell in love with this art form and started researching it we realized that the people, the artists, who are creating these stunning works of art and customizing dolls are 90% of the time completely One-Of-A-Kind (OOAK) and there’s really no public way artists can prove their original concept, idea and creation.

So since we already provide a Registry for OOAK Art Doll artists, we figured, “Let’s give these stunning, unique custom repainted dolls a home and the same registry service Art Doll artists have!“—and so here we are filling a need! We hope our custom repaint doll artists find this service and tool useful and beneficial to them.

The custom Repaint Doll Registry™ is open for viewing to the public and is an excellent opportunity for your work to be viewed worldwide.

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