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Clay Review: Sculpey III

So my current sculpture, Creation 010-003, is the first sculpture I’ve used anything other than Super Sculpey. I’m using Sculpey III. Two main points I’d like to talk about regarding this clay.

I Like: ▪ that this clay is very, very easily blended with the wood blending tool. It has a very smooth looking and feeling consistency and then you cure it, it almost looks like porcelain because of that smoothness.

▪ that when you need to scrape / shave some clay off of the sculpture, it comes right off due to the smoothness of the clay, effortlessly.

I didn’t like: ▪ that because of the consistency / texture of this clay, it tends to crack when under pressure, the clay’s not as flexible, and this is before it’s cured. For example; when you have a regular ball of clay and you’re getting ready to put your stick in the clay to start forming your sculpture’s head, with Super Sculpey, anyway, the clay just expands and “reshapes” it’s self to absorb the thing that you’re sticking into the clay. With Sculpey III, if you were to do the same thing, it would crack where you would be sticking in that stick.

It’s completely fixable just by pushing it back together and blending the clay and it’s covered, but I guess just the mere fact that it does that – but hey, many more Pro’s than Con’s, I’ll say that. Sculpey III also has two extremes; it can either be a very stiff clay or, if softened enough, it can become very gummy-like. It seems though, that both of those extremes would still be a good texture to sculpt with. I guess we’ll see — :~D

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