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OOAK Clay Artdolls

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OOAK Doll Repaints

Fredo Declán Hernández

*AI generated for effect.

Fredo is… an Artdoll sculptor (among other things) creating OOAK (One-Of-A-Kind) figurative fantasy sculptures in polymer clay and now a custom (Monster High™️) doll repainter!

“I'm Fredo [FRAY-doh]. Oldest of five kids. California born. I discovered the art of One-Of-A-Kind Sculpting in 2007 accidentally during a search to discover a way of creating my visions/thoughts without spending years and years and tons of money going to schools (which I had already tried going to three different vocational schools) and earning degrees to be able to create/do what I really wanted. I quickly became consumed with the gorgeous images of the incredibly talented sculptors I came across, Aidamaris Roman & Eneida Rosa to name a couple, and now highly admire for their innovation and contributions to the world of Polymer Artdoll Sculpting.


“So, from all that inspiration I began to build my modest Sculpting Studio in my home. I would Sculpt whenever I could find any amount of time as it put me in such a place of Love and joy. I bought books and read them over and over again so that it would feel second nature to me, watched videos, purchased PDF tutorials.


Now I'm on a constant journey to refine, better and fine-tune my skills and techniques to be able to make the kind of art I am picturing in my head, to have my skills reflect the passion I feel for my art. The 3D programs I use in conjunction with my Sculpting passion aid me in the creation of my sculptures.”

And now, I have crossed paths with a new artistic venture I’ll be adding to my creative journey—custom doll repainting focusing on Monster High™ dolls. This new obsession, really, excites me to no end as I think of how much time I’ll save not having to sculpt/create the body from scratch and being able to focus on the truly creative aspects, painting the face, wigging the head and creating costumes!

This branch-off is called…

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