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First Sculpture, Start to Finish

Ok, so, right now I’m sculpting a miniature Playstation 3 console that my soon-to-be Cousin-in-law asked me to Sculpt it to be a part of their wedding cake topper. Now at first I was hoping that everything would come out to meet my expectations. Much to my surprise, the Sculpture didn’t take long to make; keep in mind that this would be my first Sculpture that I actually completed from start to finish. The curing, the painting, all of it – so needless to say I was very thrilled.

I’ve been wanting to really feel as if I’ve been making progress in my Sculpting, As far as learning and developing my techniques, progressing in the quality of my Sculpts but when I get home from work, my Partner and I have a routine which pretty much takes up whatever’s left of the weeknight so I don’t really have as much time to Sculpt as I would like. Now, the weekends are somewhat the same, we generally always have something going on; If it’s not me having to go see family and having a time-pressing issue to take care of, it’s my Partner and I scheduling things to do out an about; the beach, shopping, what have you.

But I’m done not making my passion for Sculpting a priority. So, the Sculpture is nearly finished, just a few more finishing touches and it’ll be off in the mail. But what I found out was that Acrylic paints are not good to use on cured clay at all. Which makes sense, now, always seeing online people using heat set paints – of course NOW it makes sense. The Acrylic paint, even after drying, can still be rubbed off simply by just running your finger across the paint ! It was a little frustrating. So I’m going to add several coats of fixative to keep the paint on the sculpture. Thankfully I had the fixative that I had never really used before, but I’m thankful for it now.

Needless to say I won’t be using Acrylic paints on my Sculptures again. Pictures are below of the nearly done stage of the Sculpture. I’ll post the final images shortly.

This is the cake topper that my PS3 miniature was a part of. You can see it but you can’t really make out the details. Still, it’s there ….

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