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OOAK Mermaid Scale Tool

Finally !

I was confused on what artists used to create those great, realistic looking scales on the mermaid tails. I was starting to freak out because I was in the process of sculpting my very first one and I was almost to the part were I needed to create the scales and I was at a loss.

I’m part of several OOAK forum communities and even after looking there it was still not really the answer I was looking for. So ! I did a ‘‘ search and I found it !

Image by Morezmore

I was so relieved to finally find this and even more so to use it and see the results. So, as you’ve read, I’m working on a Mermaid which is my very first one (excited !) and I’m close to finishing …. I’ll blog again regarding the questions / obstacles that arose during that piece so I can help as much as I can. Keep watching.

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